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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Esley Philander + Ferdinand Van Tura - filmmakers


“How do you celebrate diversity when distinctions were created by design?” - Glen Arendse

As Khoi Khonnexion’s Jethro Louw and Glen Arendse together with Ferdinand Van Tura AKA Indigenous Rogue make their way from the Cape Flats to a sacred KhoiSan site on Lion’s Head, a conversation evolves that challenges contemporary thoughts on culture and identity.

Directed by Esley Philander
Produced by Ferdinand Van Tura

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Varnia Jacobs - poet

DJ Juice

Antoinette Engel - photographer

Nicole le Roux - storyteller

Andre Bird - stencil artist

Launch: Thursday April 29 at Ragazzi, Long Street

On Thursday April 29, we launch Expression Session at 7pm, at Ragazzi in Long Street. We have eight featured artists on the bill: classical guitarist, Riyadh Lodewyck, 17, from Rylands, storyteller Nicole le Roux; filmmaker Esley Philander, photographers Jolene Cartmill and Antoinette, stencil artist Andre Bird, poet Varnia Jacobs and DJ Juice. Each artist will perform or talk about their work, and the night rounds off with Andre doing a live piece while DJ Juice plays the beats. In the next week, we will feature short stories on each of the artists, to introduce to each of them before the launch. We invite everyone to join us next Thursday, the cover is R20 at the door. See you there!

Jolene Cartmill- photographer