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Friday, October 15, 2010

Je'nine May - photographer

Through the lens, I see the world with a new perspective. - Je’nine May

Born in Cape Town, South Africa and having come from a disadvantaged background, Je'nine felt unsure about her path to success in life. The youngest of three children, she had her first job at the age of 19. Ambitious and determined, she found inspiration from the very adversities and challenges she experienced growing up, learning from strong role models such as her courageous Mother (a Cancer survivor) who taught her that “with God anything is possible”. After a 10 year career in the advertising industry, during which she specialised in Print Production, Je'nine has moved on to pursue her dreams through creative expressions such as photography. In 2007 she did a part-time diploma in photography and has since been working on her portfolio, developing her skills and love for the lens. This dynamic and spirited woman soon progressed to starting her own business, incorporating her passion for photography and experience in print production.

To Je'nine it’s important to give back, hence her ongoing involvement with ngo's, church and youth projects; which allows her to fulfill her passion for helping others. Je'nine has recently joined “Step Up 4 Life”, an ngo focusing on promoting and creating social responsibility among our youth. Je’nine volunteers as a programme facilitator, assisting at school workshops and various related projects. A true creative at heart, Je’nine also loves music and sings in a gospel group, called First Light, for the past 12 years. First Light will be releasing their debut album in December 2010. In 2009 through the loss of her father, Je’nine was inspired to pursue her love for art and discovered her new found passion for painting and is currently working towards her first photographic and art exhibition in 2011.

"Hope is my story and Grace is my song......" I want to be able to share with others. Photography is a powerful tool. It has the ability to create a lasting memory, to capture timeless moments and can challenge our outlooks on life. It can break down barriers and positively change our point of views. But above all, it brings many smiles and captures the beauty that is …the GIFT of LIFE.

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  1. I have the priviledge of knowing this wonderful female. This kindhearted, spiritual young lady's engergy draws so many individuals to her. She's truly an inspiration.Wishing her all the best in all the new projects thats she has lined up - GREAT WORK, WELL DONE!