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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Andre and Nathan Trantraal - comic book artists

We’ve always felt that it’s important to tell everyday stories. We tell stories about people whose stories are deemed unimportant the under class, the poor and the disaffected. The great majority of people in the world are poor. This is a recorded fact. How can their stories be deemed unimportant? Two painters whom we’ve always admired has been Georges Seurat and Johannes Vermeer in the way they portrayed every day scenes with such magnificence and splendor.

“Only in the arts is coming from a background of adversity a plus. Nothing makes a better yarn than adversity overcome,” – Nathan.

"Art levels the playing field. In art like in football, or any sports I suppose you will be judged on hard work and performance. Where you are from is irrelevant. It’s whether you can deliver or not that’s what matters. That’s why I love sports and that’s why I love art,”-Andre.

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