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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ntombi Wonci - theatre performer

When the flowers bloom in spring that is when my mother’s womb decided to open wide on the September 19, 1989. Birth pangs strengthened her as I was sure of tapping my toes onto the stages of world. Waves moved silently at dawn in a capitalist world known as Plettenberg Bay as I danced to the green forests strengthening my young frail bones. They sent me to a dark forest with tall men in black suits and blue ties to lock my mind into mathematics as if that was not enough, to an alien language which twisted my tongue. Yes the little dark forest was Phakamisani Primary School and the bigger one Murray High school. I grew tall in those forests eating the fruits which they claimed will liberate me - it may have but still I believe it is the system that oppresses the beautiful craft of the masses. I then came to the land of fish’s madness and potato taste - referred to as chips to a wider forest. They call it UWC. Embarking and climbing the gigantic trees in it only to get a paper written in black and white - BA degree. Breathing into a pen and paper I found myself in a beautiful space called Reclaiming the P… Word which has not only opened my mouth but liberated my heart as theatre of the so called oppressed.
I thank my mother’s birth pangs, the waves, forests of a capitalist world, the madness city of fish and chips, the voices of the silenced women in Reclaiming the P…Word for in all these components I have grown to be more like a river, flowing endlessly and effortlessly, un-encumbered by the little impediments which come along the way.
What keeps me standing is the bleeding womb of mother earth for in it I have found liberation through spoken and unspoken words.

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