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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Q&A with Angela

ES: What inspired you to become a filmmaker?
Angela: The possibility of discovering a more complex and universal language that can reach so many audiences and minds.

ES: Why have you chosen to work in South Africa?
Angela: I wanted to have an experience outside my country and I found in South Africa so many similarities in terms of history, socio-economic and cultural challenges which have reaffirmed my idea of creating new messages and untold perceptions of reality.

ES: What have you learnt about yourself through making documentary films?
Angela: I’ve encountered in documentary filmmaking a way of discovering myself as an active individual that can reproduce and spread the information absorbed in a creative and positive way.

ES: If you could collaborate or work with any artist in the world today, who would it be and why?
Angela: I’ve had the fortune to meet very interesting intellectuals, researchers, historians, writers, photographers, filmmakers, artists and activists in Latin America and Africa, with whom I’ve already been ‘ cooking’ different projects to develop collaboratively. Those, my friends, are the people I look forward to working with. I don’t really think or dream about working with someone I haven’t met.

ES: If there’s one boundary or misconception you could knock down about filmmaking, what would it be?
Angela: People who haven’t ever worked making films usually think the process is quite simple and easy to do, and thus they tend to underestimate and devalue the creative filmmaking process. Another important and overlooked aspect of filmmaking: the question of responsibility. Part of the industry seems unaware of the powerful responsibility that we have as communicators.

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