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Monday, September 20, 2010

Q&A with Lukhanyo

ES: Who are your artistic influences?
My influence stems from our people's will to fight and survive in a world that hell bent to enslave and kill them.

ES: What have you learnt from filmmakers who have come before you?
L: I've learnt that if we don't write our own history, we get written out of history. I've learnt also that filmmaking is a painstaking process and that you need lots of patience and a bit of luck to complete a project.

ES: What do you hope to achieve each time you set out to make a film?
L: I think my objective with this film and any other film is always the same. To allow the people involved to tell their stories and for me to be the medium that accurately carries that story to its audience in a manner that befits the dignity and stature of the person/people involved.

ES: What motivates you to keep working when things become difficult and challenging?
L: The true and honest belief that each story is as important to tell as any other because every story/film is an opportunity for me/us to learn something new about ourselves. Also the fear of failure is a great motivator

ES: If there’s one boundary or misconception you could knock down about filmmaking or being a filmmaker, what would it be?
L: I’d like to bomb the boundary/perception that states that filmmaking is the craft of a select and privileged few.

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